How I’m Gonna Get $5,000 In Flooring Work Done For FREE

So I’m a big fan of bartering it’s great for businesses and an easy to save a lot of money for both parties and get something both people needed.

So in this case I have to get all the carpet ripped out of my house because my 2 year old daughter suffers from asthma and recently she had a pretty bad attack.

In fact it was so severe we had to take her to emergency room and she was stuck in hospital for 3 days (NOT a fun experience.)

Here’s what I’m going to do to save myself over $5,000 in flooring work.

I call this my good will video method and it works like a charm.

Step 1. I made a video for the flooring company that’s going to come and do an estimate of house.

This only took a few minutes because I used my Video Spinn Video Creator App.

You can buy it here at a discount don’t use this other link because it’s 3x the price and what the public pays (since you’re cool and you open and read my emails I’m hooking you up with a special deal)

Step 2. I already got the video on the first page of Google for a couple of keywords just so when he comes over to do the estimate I can show him his video on the first page of Google for some good keywords and say I can put a commercial on the first page of Google for you for many more keywords.

Step 3. When he comes to do the estimate after he’s given me the estimate I’m going to show him what I’ve done and make my proposal for getting him ranked for a bunch of keywords in exchange for him doing my flooring 🙂

That’s It 🙂

Works like a charm.

I do this to get free maids, free teeth cleaning, free car detailing, free cupcakes for our daughters birthday, free termite service, free pool cleaning.

If you add up those incidentals they cost some money but not for me 🙂

The most important step is creating a video of their business and telling them like this.

“Hey check out the free commercial I made of your business!”

Then offer to put that commercial all over Google for them.

Hope you enjoyed the post!

Yours For Prosperity,

Anthony Aires

P.S. Video Spinn is so easy to create videos my 64 Year Old Father In Law (a former flight attendant) did it right here on video so you can see how easy it is!


Anthony Aires is a speaker, information and software publisher, and a trainer. He has been an entrepreneur for more than half his life. He started leveraging the internet in 2002 by implementing SEO to generate leads for his real estate brokerage in Downtown Boston. Since then Anthony has gone on to create, launch, manage, and sell several internet businesses and brands while generating 7 figures in revenues. But he'll be the first to tell you he worked his ass off to get to where he is and it was a bumpy road having to declare bankruptcy twice in his life. You might not like the truth's he speaks, but at least you know you're always getting an honest answer!