Why it is so hard NOW!

Can you believe it, it’s a New Year already?

Every year millions of people vow that they’re going to earn more, get rid of debt and break free financially.

But a few weeks into the New Year they seem to give up on themselves and just like that, they remain hostage to financial mediocrity.

This happens to a lot of people even the smart ones.

I want to personally nudge you so that you don’t lose sight of your goals.

Notice that I’m not talking about your dreams.

That’s because goals are dreams with a “target date”, and I want to help you reach your target goal and date, right on the bull’s eye!

After yesterday’s email “The One Thing” 181 people replied to that email saying “I want more” asking me to show you one of the ways I’ve created recurring income WITHOUT servicing local businesses (btw I have recurring income from servicing local businesses too but the proof I showed you yesterday has nothing to do that with that.)

People expressed frustrations with things like Ebay, multi-level marketing, binary trading affiliate marketing, online selling and other “get rich quick programs”.

STOP the madness!

Here’s why it’s harder now to make money online than ever before…

FACT: We live in the “Post Trust Era”

Michael Maslansky, author of ‘Language of Trust Selling Ideas In A World of Skeptics’ says that people are more skeptical today than in years past because we live in the “post-trust” era — a situation that can be attributed in part to promises made, but not kept, by government institutions, businesses and people in positions of authority.

TRANSLATION: We live in a New Economy.

Hype doesn’t work anymore- we can’t just say, ‘here buy my stuff’.

We need to provide value and evidence.

We need to show how we are going to offer something that’s different and better than the current status quo.

TIP #1
Provide value to position yourself as an authority as opposed to a product peddler.

You should strive to provide value and service in ALL areas of your life.

Not only does this earn you the respect of others but it will also get you some positive points on your Karma Kredit Kard. 🙂

TIP #2
Commit to applying ONE methodology that’s TESTED and PROVEN.

Choose a mentor (like me) who’s doing exactly what you want and follow directions.

This is the best way to download knowledge and experience to achieve the results you want.

TIP #3
Turn your dreams to clearly defined goals.

In order to reach your goals, you need to be able to properly identify them.
Saying that you want to make a bit more money is too vague and you could find a quarter on the sidewalk and VOILA you’ve reached your goal.

But let’s be real, a quarter doesn’t even get you a phonecall these days!

So, make sure you CLEARLY define your financial outcome.

TIP #4
Focus on creating multiple and recurring income streams.

If you are serious about catapulting your lifestyle to the next level, be sure to have more than one source working for you on complete AUTOPILOT.

Good News…

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I guarantee that you’ll want to see these results.

Check your inbox tomorrow and look out for the subject line: “The Recurring Case Study”

Yours For Prosperity,

Anthony “Freedom Whisperer-Debt Slayer” Aires

P.S. When the student is ready the teacher appears. Meet me tomorrow if you’re ready to learn.