Everlesson Review – No Baloney Just Facts

As many of you know, I’ve created several products to teach people how to excel in their internet marketing efforts.  Needless to say, I always offer my students immediate LIFETIME access to my products and the best way to make my training available to fit my student’s schedules is to house them in a membership site.

Everlesson Membership Sites- Are They Worth It?

I’ve tried many membership sites such as:

  • Kajabi
  • Digital Access Pass
  • WordPress
  • Member Deliver
  • Access Pass

The main issue with these is the lack of support and the difficulty to fulfill client orders. I’ve had students who’ve purchased my products only to become frustrated because they couldn’t access those products. The support tickets created a lot of stress for my students and myself. And for those of you who know me, integrity is the most important thing for me. PERIOD!

See WHY Everlesson has been one of my biggest AHAs!


Everlesson Review – Can this platform be used by ANYONE?

The way I gauge if a product or service is worthy of mentioning to my readership is by gathering data, I want to make sure that EVERYONE and ANYONE can easily use what I recommend. I realize that many people aren’t tech savvy so I want to deliver recommendations that are EASY to implement for maximum results.

Now, when it comes to Everlesson I’d like to share some case studies to give you an idea of the different applications that you can implement to grow your business.

The reasons WHY I love EverLesson

  • It’s very easy to setup a professional looking membership site.
  • There’s practically no learning curve
  • Topnotch support
  • So easy a 12 year old can set up a site in a little under 2 hours
  • Excellent selection of themes
  • No hosting fees
  • Note section
  • Call To Actions
  • Room for banner ads
  • Easy to charge for membership

Everlesson Features & Benefits

Everlesson Bonuses from Chad Nicely 


But wait… there’s more!

When you grab Everlesson today, I’ll hook you up with these bonuses from yours truly. 🙂

Everlesson Bonuses from Anthony Aires




I personally know Chad Nicely, and much like his surname indicates, the guy genuinely is a “nice” cat. He’s been working on this platform for a few years and he conducted extensive testing to ensure that people would have the best membership platform available.  I confess that at first,  I thought Everlesson would be just another membership site but much to my surprise Everlesson has knocked my socks off and I’ve transferred ALL of my training products over to Everlesson.

During the Launch Phase the pricing will be a ridiculously low $297, but it will increase on Sunday, January 29th at midnight.  Regardless of when you purchase Everlesson, I can wholeheartedly reassure you that it will prove to be one of the best investments you’ll ever make. If not, I’ll give you permission to stab a voodoo doll of me.


If you’re ready to start cooking … click here to get direct access NOW!



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