TubeSync Review – A Video Marketers Weapon Of Mass Protection?

Any business professional knows the power of videos.  In the last few years, marketers have turned to video marketing to get traffic, generate leads, and sales.

You put in the effort to get your videos ranking on page #1 of Google, you’re getting Youtube Ads Revenue, and boatloads of traffic and then all of a sudden……


All of your hard work goes down the drain! Imagine the painful experience and irritating frustration of getting your Youtube Channel banned for no valid reason. Whether a competitor has complained about your videos or an overzealous Youtube intern deletes your channel this experience SUCKS major donkey balls (and it can take you MONTHS to pull the hair out of your teeth!).


TubeSync A Marketer’s Must Have Protection Tool?

There’s a promising solution on the market called TubeSync and frankly ANYONE who uses videos to generate business NEEDS to have this in their arsenal.  This is the only way to full guarantee that your hard work is protected.

What Exactly Does TubeSync Do?

It allows you to EASILY back up and restore your Youtube Videos’

  • Channel Info
  • Channel Settings
  • Descriptions
  • Tags
  • Titles
  • Captions
  • Meta Data

Yep, that’s right you can back up your videos to Amazon S3 or Dropbox

TubeSync Is EASY To Use- You Don’t Need To Be A Rocket Scientist

Here’s what you need to do ..

  1. Log into your Tubesync dashboard
  2. Choose the videos you want to backup and designate where to back them up (Amazon or Dropbox)
  3. Let TubeSync back up your chosen videos
  4. Click ONE button and automatically restore EVERYTHING to a new channel


 TubeSync Is Your Virtual Bodyguard

It just runs in the background backing up all the videos you have. Since it’s cloud-based you can run it from ANY device ANYWHERE in the world.  It’s a “set and forget” system that works 24/7.

How is TubeSync different from other video backup/restoration solutions?

With TubeSync you can clone and restore videos to more than just YouTube.

  • Youtube
  • Wistia
  • Vimeo

With TubeSync you can clone a YouTube Channel and set it up onto Vimeo or Wistia. You can effortlessly have video channels simultaneously set up across multiple medium.

TubeSync Bonuses

When you take advantage of this TubeSync special offer you also get these TERRIFIC bonuses.

 Anthony Says..


This is an immeasurably valuable tool to save you time, protect your income and valuable assets.
So go ahead and protect yourself now… this protection is just as valuable as a condom!