Whoops I Forgot The Most Important Part Of Every Campaign

Seriously it’s amazing how many people that want to start an online business forget the most important part of every campaign.

The reason why … I don’t know but you gotta take this step in everything you do with every campaign even if you’re not asking someone to buy you must at least ask them to do something.

The important part I’m talking about is the CALL TO ACTION!

Like in this video

This call to action was created in less than 5 minutes using these video assets (click here to see how)

If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like to ask someone to take action then I recommend you use a video like this in your marketing.

In fact I think that’s why most people don’t do this very important step is because they don’t like to ask people to take action.

So if that’s the case you can make videos like this for people and make some extra cash providing this service producing videos like this on fiverr.com for some extra easy cash.

Listen even if you don’t have something to sell if you’re driving someone to any of your online assets you need to ask them to do something here’s a list of top 10 things you can ask people to do that will increase your online profit efforts.

  1. Ask them to join your email list so they can get free updates, tips, tricks, recommendations on things that will help them relevant to why they’re on your online property
  2. Ask them to subscribe to your youtube channel
  3. Ask them to like your fanpage
  4. Ask them to leave a comment
  5. Ask them to share your content
  6. Ask them to buy
  7. Ask them to become friends on twitter
  8. Ask them to become friends on facebook
  9. Ask them to become friends on linkedin
  10. Ask them to become friends on pintrest
  11.  BONUS – Ask them to tell you what kind of content they want you to give them

Engagement is the name of the game in 2017 and beyond online.

I’ve found that video is the best way to engage people to tune in, to buy, to fall in love with you or your message, to become raving fans, to trust you, to feel good about doing business with you etc etc.

So don’t ignore the power of mastering video because once you do it’s easier to put out that Call To Action and get your audience to do what you want them to do.

Obviously you have got to create value first no value no money going into your bank account 🙂

Yours For Prosperity,

Anthony Aires

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