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IMPORTANT Must Read WP Freshpop Review Update

[page_popup id=”1″]Hey gang! These past couple of days I’ve been keeping you in the loop about WP Freshpop, you can see my original review here.   Some of you  have sent me some questions and comments. So, today, I want to update you on the latest WP Fresh Pop updates. Latest WP Fresh Pop Improvements […]

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The Recurring Case Study Email

Hello Again! Yesterday, I described that the best way to break free financially in 2017 in this “Post Trust Era” is by providing value and service because hype doesn’t work anymore. We live in the New Economy in which people are tired of unsubstantiated claims and promises. They want to be treated with respect and […]

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Why it is so hard NOW!

Can you believe it, it’s a New Year already? Every year millions of people vow that they’re going to earn more, get rid of debt and break free financially. But a few weeks into the New Year they seem to give up on themselves and just like that, they remain hostage to financial mediocrity. This […]

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Wishing You The Best

May all your dreams and desire come to life in 2017 As I think back on 2016 there was a lot of wins and a lot of losses too 🙂 But there was ONE THING I focused on more this past year that really helped solidify the sustainability of my business. And I’m going to […]

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