Best Affiliate Marketing Programs


Top 11 Best Affiliate Programs for 2016

Even though the old days when Amazon reigned supreme, and affiliate sell was all the rage, are past, affiliate sell is still a multi-billion dollar industry which countless online inventors utilize as a primary root of making .

The number of brokers who have adopted affiliate sell techniques has been an increase, which contributed to fresh a chance for affiliate bloggers and web publishers to develop an gathering and promote presents .

The most popular technique of promoting affiliate presents, for publishers, is to join an affiliate structure and applied by the available presents on their website. This does mean that any particular sum is recouped from their earnings, but the gains often outweigh this token cost .

If you don’t feel like moving all they lane down … precisely click on the one you’re interested in below :

Best Affiliate Programs
Google Adsense
Amazon Associate
Commission Junction
eBay Partner Network

Here are some of the top affiliate sell platforms moving on the internet today :

1. Google AdSense

Best Affiliate Programs

Google AdSense, well known simply as AdSense, is a high _empty_ affiliate program structure owned and run by the search engine beings Google. It supplies advertisement sections to publishers, who have to sign up for the program structure which enables them to use their publisher account to earn money through the ads announced by Google on their website/ blog. Each publisher gets a unique ID upon signing up, which is used to generate ad systems for their website so they can start making currency. You can see why adsense is on of the top affiliate networks for website and blog owners alike precisely by looking at our pros and cons roster .


Low traffic requirements: If your website contains unique content of good quality, you will have no trouble get approved, since it requires very little traffic- 100 or more unique visitors every day, regardless of whether your blog/ place has a sub elevation realm or a top elevation realm .

Multiple monetization alternatives: As a publisher, you will not be restricted to earning currency through posting ads directly on your website – they are able to monetize through search, feed, videos, mobile place, and online activities etc .

Multiple language support: Google AdSense is the sole publisher network to allow posting ads in languages other than English. In actuality, over thirty different languages are corroborated !

No waiting time for ads to show up: Because of the very long directory of advertisers present in Google AdWords, ads will start indicating up in your Ads space the moment you supply the ad code on your blog .

Multiple ad formats: Text ads, showing ads, connect ads, rich media ads and video ads are all the various formats in which they are able to announce ads on your website to earn money .

Highest revenue share for publishers: As compared to other publisher networks, you’ll pay a greater gash of the revenue if you hire Google AdSense. For content, the revenue share is 68 percent, whereas for search, the revenue share is 51 percent !

Country specific remittance techniques: Depending on the two countries you reside in, Google AdSense will let you suffer your pays applying alternatives which are readily available in your country .


Strict uniqueness rule: If even a single clause on your website comes signalled as plagiarized, you won’t be able to get your AdSense application approved. This also includes the content which was initially yours, and was imitation by another party .

Payment threshold: You won’t be able to withdraw earnings under $100, which can be a hassle for smaller businesses .
For more information on one of best available affiliate platforms check out Googles Adsense plans .

2. Amazon Associate

Amazon affiliate program

In some considers, Amazon has the most immense affiliate program of them all, containing concoctions from over 1.6 million dealers( i.e. anyone selling concoctions on their place ), as well as thousands and thousands of affiliates. Amazon’s affiliate program mechanism is the most user friendly and easy to comprehend, which meets it ideal for non-tech business thoughts beings looking to earn money on the internet. It also provides advanced features such as APIs for sophisticated developers. Many think about Amazon as precisely a small ticket structure but a bit look and you will realize that this can be one of best available high-pitched ticket affiliate platforms out there. Many internet marketers would tell you that this is the best affiliate program they have ever worked with. And who can condemn them when they are able to earn a living solely on being an amazon associate .


Easy to use: The interface is instinctive and uncluttered, standard for beginners and pros alike .

Greatest flexibility: The millions of concoctions sold on Amazon mean that you can choose from a very large number of ads/ affiliate is linked to put on your website .


Smaller commissionings: The starting point for commissionings is a measly 4 percent, which means you’ll have to gather quite a large number of marketings before the relationship becomes sustainable .

Extended remunerate round: The net -60 example of pays be applied by Amazon means you won’t get money for a sale until two months after it has arose .

For more information check out Amazons Associate Guidelines .

3. Commission Junction

Top affiliate platforms

Now known as CJ Affiliate, this is one of the most expansive networks around, and all those who have dabbled in affiliate sell, even briefly, will have likely come across it. Nearly all major brokers have presents listed on Commission Junction, which meets it something of a one-stop supermarket in service industries. Multiple creative sizings is provided in the majority of members of advertisers, which conveys publishers have a greater mastery on accomplishment. With such an extensive network, its no amaze this is one of the most popular and best affiliate networks around .

Keep in spirit that this affiliate program requires constant conduct/ monitoring, unlike the deep-seated and forget new systems of AdSense and others .


Vast network: With over three thousand merchant partners, and batch of flexibility in terms of affiliate links and creative sizings, this program will find an ad suitable for your place regardless of the niche it envelops .

Payment reliability: The net -20 payment system ensures timely receipt of committee each month .

Robust reporting: Impressive reporting abilities enable accomplishment optimization tweakers to play with their site’s ad configuration as much as they crave .


Difficult to train with: The potent reporting cleverness mentioned above aren’t easy to come to grips with for beginners .

Little customer support: The only lane to acquire support is to fill a contact form, which can be quite frustrating at times. However, it is impossible to provide full scale support due to the very large number of brokers and affiliates who are part of the program .
For more information tour Commission Junctions Sign up page .

4. Clickbank

Click Bank

If you’re a marketer of digital concoctions, this affiliate structure should definitely be a consideration for your affiliate program setup. With its 12 thousand dealers and one hundred thousand affiliates, coupled with a excellent autobiography of timely remittance, it is a strong competitor for the top affiliate program. It isn’t an affiliate software; preferably, it toy the role of support payments processor with an important affiliate sell part. This meets it easy to configure both your pays, and affiliate platforms, which doesn’t make more than a few minutes .


Promote as much as six thousand concoctions on your website: As soon as you get your affiliate ID, you’ll be able to do this without having to register each product separately .

Higher commission paces: The majority of concoctions sold via ClickBank are digital in mood, which conveys their committee paces are higher as compared to other marketplaces. You’ll be able to make between 50 and 75 percentage for every sale .

Timely pays: The superb remittance system disburses currency to affiliates through direct check deposits every one or two weeks. Even if your merchant’s business goes bankrupt, you’ll still get your remittance through ClickBank .


Before you get your first pay-out, you’ll have to be patient due to the fact that you have to meet two requirements: Customer distribution and your remittance threshold

Product scams: Sometimes, you may be promoting a concoction that fails to meet your expected incomes. This is likely due to the product being a scam, something that certainly exists on ClickBank. If the rate of concoction incomes is 10-20 %, abide well clear of it .
For more information on Clickbank click here .

5. LinkShare

linkshare badge

Now a portion of the Rakuten affiliate network, LinkShare been around since the early days of service industries. In recent years, nonetheless, it has examined the key role get dwarfed compared to some of the other participates such as CJ Affiliate. Preserve in spirit that a larger athletic field is highly recommended when starting out with affiliate sell .

LinkShare has a couple of distinct features which name it apart from the crew though. One, it automatically rotates through the various types placard ads for a particular concoction, which meets your website easier to administer and optimize in the long run. Instead of having you manually elect the 300 x250 ads that should be guided, LinkShare allows the rotation of various copies with precisely one code snippet .

It also has a greater degree of flexibility when it is necessary to’ deep relation’ to particular merchant platform pages, which translates into greater customization potential for your campaign .


Rotation of ads: Even though it may appear to be a minor boast, it can prove instrumental in reorganizing the uptake of your time and the initiatives in optimization/ conduct .

Flexible deep connect: You’re able to select the page of the merchant’s place that the sound is directed to, which enables you to better calculate the best way to move affiliate acquisitions .


Small network: This network is much smaller than adversaries such as ShareASale and CJ Affiliate, which means you’ll have fewer the possibility of property a profitable program .

Payments aren’t predictable: You get your chipped merely after the commission has been collected from the merchant, which can lead to delayed/ inconsistent pays. This is bothersome when compared with the reliable net -20 system be applied by Commission Junction .

Read more on LinkShare here .

6. ShareASale

Share A Sale Logo

This is yet another one of the most difficult affiliate platforms controlling on the internet, with some 3800 brokers on its directory. Around a thousand of these brokers are ShareASale exclusives, and you’ve got the option to focus on these brokers, whose presents aren’t available on any other stage .

ShareASale presents batch of statistics for the presents an affiliate is feeing- Median Commission, Average Sale Amount, Reversal Charge and Earnings per Click are all there. Even though these counts aren’t say guarantees of what you’ll get paid, they emphatically will give you a supportive explain of your campaign’s attractiveness .


Expansive structure: The ShareASale network comprises of more than 3800 brokers, among whom, around 1000 are not controlling on adversary stages .

Easy to compare offers: When you have to choose between various presents made available to you, ShareASale will allow you to evaluate the best one on the basis of key metrics .

Rapid payment: You’ll get paid on the 20 th of every month, if you have a minimal a better balance between $50 in your note .


Reporting isn’t very streamlined: The reporting interface of this stage seems aged, and isn’t as intuitive as the ones offered by adversaries. While emphatically not a consider breaker, it does make some time to get used to .
Read more on ShareASale here .

7. Neverblue


A well-known affiliate structure, Neverblue has ripened and substantiated its reputation of extraditing personal assistances as well as tone offers in order to keep its affiliates relevant. Its competitive pay-outs and diversification of presents have ensured its popularity among affiliates .


Simple sign up: Ratifying up for the program is quick and easy, with merely a few questions asked from you .

Excellent UI: The user interface is one of the most streamlined ones around, and offers optimum sailing and search filtering abilities.

Wide selection: Affiliates can choose from a very diverse collection of presents in order to maximize their campaign’s effectiveness .

Personalized tracking system: Organizing occasions is simplified thanks to the personalized tracking system integrated into the stage .

Affiliate manager follow up: Affiliates are followed up by management to make sure that everything is in order .


Difficult to get accepted: Getting yourself approved after signing up is therefore difficult at first. This is deliberate- in order to avoid the prevalence of black hat sell techniques .

Sign-up here .

8. eBay Partner Network

ebay Logo

This program also stands in a glowing comparable to Amazon’s program, since it is run by a website that is a household name of all the countries. Likewise, eBay awardings gorgeous commissionings. Ranged by Commission Junction in the UK and US, and by Afflinet in Germany, this program are present in the following manner :

You’ll get paid if anyone registers on eBay( through your connect) and arranges a entreat within 30 days of having clicked on your affiliate connect .
You’ll get paid if a consumer registered in this lane proposals at a live auction on eBay .
The buttons and flags are delicately designed, and move no strive at obstructing the fact that you’re a fan of eBay .


Diversity of concoctions: There are millions of concoctions that you can choose to promote, all grouped under several dozens of categories .

Seasonal dismiss: These are offered on brand new concoctions and allow you to acquire more marketings during the celebration season .

Swifter payment: The remittance is acquired through PayPal, and is much faster than that of Amazon – you don’t have to wait for 60 days to get your currency .


Cumbersome approval: You’ll necessity a succeeding website with a requisite sum of traffic or your work will get rejected. Getting accepted without a website is next to hopeless, and your chances with a website that has low-grade traffic aren’t very good either.

Earnings aren’t predictable: Based on the earnings-per-click mechanism, the making depends on traffic tone, which conveys making large-hearted will require you to entice high quality visitors to your place .

Find out how the Ebay Partner Network wreaks .

9. PeerFly

PeerFly Logo

With over 1500 active affiliates, this network offers profitable forms of commissions such as CPL, CPS and CPA. A custom-made, made from scratch, software is used to sign up publishers from around the globe. They have abolished third party hosting in favor of reorganizing their operations due to their click per activity mood .


Reliable habit software: You will not knowledge troubles such as downtime .

Global acceptance of affiliates: All types of traffic, and affiliates from around the world are abode .

Multiple payment techniques: Wire assistances, Check, PayPal and Payoneer can all be be used to get your earnings. US publishers may also opt for ACH .

Diverse present assortment: Diversification in presents is necessary that you’ll emphatically be able to find one relevant to your website .

Flexible remittance: You can get your remittance any era, equipped you have the minimum a better balance between $50 in your note .


Tough approval system: Getting into this structure can be challenging, but this is done to ensure that merely genuine, reliable gatherings are allowed in .

Private affiliate platforms: A appreciable number of concoction owners lead their own affiliate networks which comprise of concoctions on which is offered monthly as well as lifetime committee, whenever your referral have contributed to a acquire of the said concoction. A popular affiliate software for such dealers is InfusionSoft .

Click here for more information on PeerFly .

10. OmniStar

OmniStar Affiliate Program

OSI Affiliate Software allows you to create and administer their own in-house affiliate structure. This is great for brokers, because it comes out cheaper. All you were supposed to do is remunerate and reward the affiliate for successful marketings .

If you’re an affiliate, OSI Affiliate Software is a great option to use with brokers. You can get brokers who are not members of any affiliate network to get OSI Affiliate Software and use it to reward you .

This is how it works :

OSI Affiliate’s moving code will be added to the merchant’s website. You will join the merchant’s affiliate program and you will get your unique affiliate url. Any marketings you cast via that url will get you wages and commissionings .

You “re trying” OSI Affiliate Software here .

11. Web-Set

Web Set

WEB-SET Ads is a new CPC and CPM advertising network( Beta version) which is offering text-based ad kinds .

This new program has been developed to provide value added content to blogs or small websites, like content feeds .
These content feeds are mapped to the most interesting horizontals marketplaces, like places, vehicles, or real-estate .

Pros :

very simple signup: the signup for the program is very easy .

simple UI: the user interface is very simple and easy to use .

automatic ads: the content feeds are adopted automatically from the inventorying. Largely you will see ads like places, vehicles, or real estate .

no waiting time for ads to show up: the ads are already available in the inventorying .

Cons :

to get accepted: your website should have at least 30000 Scenes per month

payment threshold: is about 100 EUR. The pays are done via PayPal .

few formats available: at the moment the program offers merely 3 formats, 728 x09, 160 x60, and responsive( adaptable format ).

The surest lane to judge which network is best for you is to try several of them simultaneously: there is no hard and fast regulate to refute the usage of several affiliate networks at the same duration, and it is even recommended by experts for maximizing your advantage. It may require some extra struggle on your area, but it will enable you to experience, first-hand, the advantages one structure has over the others .


Anthony Aires is a speaker, information and software publisher, and a trainer. He has been an entrepreneur for more than half his life. He started leveraging the internet in 2002 by implementing SEO to generate leads for his real estate brokerage in Downtown Boston. Since then Anthony has gone on to create, launch, manage, and sell several internet businesses and brands while generating 7 figures in revenues. But he'll be the first to tell you he worked his ass off to get to where he is and it was a bumpy road having to declare bankruptcy twice in his life. You might not like the truth's he speaks, but at least you know you're always getting an honest answer!

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