4 Of The Most Profitable Ways To Monetize Your Blog


I’ll cut the bullshit before we get rolling: No, blogging isn’t dead. Yes, there are saturated markets. No, it’s not impossible to break through. And, yes, you can be successful even if you aren’t a great writer.

I can also weed out the flakes, too.

Blogging isn’t a get rich quick scheme. People don’t bank-in overnight doing this. But, you can definitely generate a substantial income within a few months – if you stick it out.

I’m not talking a few hundred bucks a month, either. I’m talking the “I just dropped $1k on a Sunday morning breakfast” kind of income.

But, you’ve got to work for it. It’s going to be pretty ugly before the rainbows and little men with red hair start pouring gold down on you from the clouds.

Still sounds good? Alright, then. Let’s get our hands dirty with the technical stuff, now.

For the sake of preventing this article from turning into a terrible novella, I’m going to keep it short and assume that you already know the importance of picking a niche, finding your brand voice, and creating kick-ass content. If you haven’t figured that out yet – don’t worry – my next post will help straighten things up for you.

So, you’ve been cranking out Grade-A content for a while now, and have a loyal audience and fanbase. Great! You’ve done all the hard work (if you haven’t, stay tuned – I’ll teach you how).

Now’s the time to start harvesting the herd.

Let’s fatten up your bank account.

Affiliate Marketing

Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard the term before. Those sons of bitches on the internet spouting about their blogs and Lamborghinis and half-naked women from Vogue.

I can hear you now, “Sounds just like you on social media (minus the women of course).”

No shit! That’s because it works!

The concept is pretty simple:

First, you build up your following by providing top-notch value through the content you post on your blog – this is crucial. You have to provide value to your audience, or else you risk becoming a self-promoting scam artist (no one likes those).

Second, you find products and services that complement the content that your audience keeps coming back for.

Third, you approach the company that provides those products/services about setting up an affiliate account. Most big-name brands will have links at the bottom of their pages that allow you to do this automatically. Amazon is a great place to start.

Fourth, they give you a special link that you embed within your content, so that your audience can click on that link. If they click through and buy that product, you’ll get a cut of the profits. It really is that simple.

Before the Benjamins start rolling in by the ass load, though, you’ve got to make sure that the products you’re linking to are relevant to your niche. If you run a blog about kitchenware and start throwing out links to the hottest video games, you’ll fail. Miserably.

Provide Your Services

The easiest way to monetize your blog is by selling your services and truthfully helping your audience.

There may have been years of schooling involved in getting you to where you are now, thousands of hours honing your craft – but, you’re the best of the best at what you do. Now, you’ve got to have an audience that wants the ability to do what you do, too. You don’t have that audience yet? Make one.

Whether you’re a copywriter, designer, or a super-niched ring-maker who only caters to Japanese women, you’ve got to show your audience that 1. You know your shit, and 2. You can teach them how to know their shit, too.

Coach them on how to properly build their woodworking business. Offer consulting for capital investors. Sell your proofreading services – whatever it is you’re doing, building credibility through blogging is the easiest, most profitable way to sell yourself.

Build rapport.

Showcase your success.

Help your audience to do the same.

Sell YOUR Products

Your audience is unique to YOUR blog. You know them, and they trust you.

Now, get creative. Make products that fix their problems.

These could be informational products, like selling E-books on how to run your first restaurant, courses on copywriting, or membership sites for only the most serious of entrepreneurs looking to gain some top-level knowledge.

Or, these could be physical goods: hard-copy, long-form books on honing your craft, t-shirts and other branded merch that reflect your blog, or your very own software.

Pro tip: find your audience’s pain point and the product will practically invent itself.

If you run a gardening blog, what are your reader’s most common problems? Maybe they need a hose that doesn’t get wrapped in the plants when they need to cross over from the potatoes to the tomatoes. Make it. If you run a blog about content marketing and find that your audience comments a lot about struggling coming up with good ideas, then write a book on your creative process.

You’ve already got a warm audience. Give them something of value, and the numbers will start roaring in.

Ad Spots & Sponsorships

The elephant in the room – ad spots. Here’s a pro tip: keep your elephants small… and relevant.

See, everyone who’s used the internet is familiar with online advertising – and most people tune it out into the background altogether. The trick is to find companies/products that are relevant to your brand and advertise them in small ways that get them seen but don’t piss off your audience at the same time. This can be pretty difficult at times, depending on your niche.

Thankfully for you, advertising will never die. As long as there are businesses around there will always be markets for channels looking to help them sell… But, it isn’t all good news. I put this last on the list for a reason.

Blog advertising doesn’t pay as much as the rest of these methods.

I don’t bullshit – this form of blog monetization doesn’t work well unless you’ve got a massive amount of traffic rolling through. But, if you’ve got a massive amount of traffic rolling through, then hit up methods 1-3. Keep the ad spots as a bit of icing on the cake.

I’m not going to leave you hanging, here. This is a rough outline on what to focus on when you’re ready to start making money through your blog.

I’m creating a highly in-depth segment for each and every single one of these methods, and I’ll be releasing parts of those segments throughout the upcoming weeks.

Stay tuned and Stay hungry!

Anthony Aires

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