A 5 Step Guide On Creating Your Blogging Strategy


My goal is to get your checking account so fat that I spark an internal investigation at your local bank. But before I launch you into full-blown bank auditing status, you’ve got to create a blogging strategy to force everything into motion.

Most of the time when I get a new blogger on board, they tell me that their main struggle is the feeling like they’re in a mad dash to publish their content daily. They always feel rushed, and the content starts to lack because of it.

Say no more – I’m here to guide you.

This is a systemized method for content creation. I’m going to break down the blogging process into 4 steps so you can tackle your daily posts without releasing garbage content from feeling rushed.

  1. Schedule It

Sounds pretty self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised.

Blogging is a revenue generating machine. You have so many opportunities for monetization and growth – but nothing will come of potential without thoughtful action.

The first step when you’re starting to blog is setting up an effective blogging schedule. You’ve got to know what to say, when to say it, and what action you need to take to get there.

Right now you’re probably just creating every blog from scratch, brainstorming, doing research, then writing – don’t worry, I’ve been there. It’s a dark and cold place to be, filled with long hours of uninspiring bullshit and subpar content.

Learn from my mistakes.

Blogging is a process. Plan for your blog to be like a monthly magazine issue.

You’ll have 30 days, 30 stories.

Take it on like you’re an actual publisher for a magazine. What do you want this month’s issue to explore? What do you want to say?

Don’t worry if you can’t come up with 30 award winning ideas off the top of your head. Just analyze some of your competitors and play off popular posts. For instance, if “10 Ways To Make Killer Designs” is trending, create a blog centered around the negative of that – “10 Killer Design Mistakes And How To Avoid Them.”

You don’t have to focus on keywords in this phase, but you need to have a general genre/idea about the points you’d like to convey. The more specific, the better.

  1. Do Your Research

There are about 2 million blogs posted daily.

Most of them are absolute digital garbage.

But, you’ve still got to fight to stand out. Here’s how you do it every day with your new post:

Keyword Research

Take all of your ideas/topics you brainstormed during your scheduling phase and type words that you would associate with those ideas into Google.

Just in case you don’t know what keywords are – keywords are the words that people type into Google to find what they need. If you run a woodworking blog, a rich keyword phrase could be “best lathe for woodworking.”

Here’s a fantastic guide that Moz created to help you focus on your keyword researching.

Once you find the keywords you need to focus on for your post, make sure you optimize the hell out of it by including it fairly frequently in your blog.

Real Resources

Not only is it good SEO practice to include outbound links in your post, but it also increases your credibility with your audience by providing facts from other experts in the field.

Sure, you may be linking to other people within your niche, but that’s okay. It provides your reader with more information on a similar topic and even builds relationships between your blogs.

The more connected you are with the content you want to rank for, the better.

  1. Start Typing

You’ve done the research and scheduled your topics – writing should be simple, now.

Don’t stress about being Shakespeare or anything, either. Yes, people want to hear your unique voice and all that shit, but you don’t have to talk in sweeping metaphors or illustrations. Just talk. Provide the info. Give your readers answers.

Start with what you’re going to talk about in the blog, flush out the entire concept in the middle, and close with a strong remark or question.

None of that is even the hardest part, though. The hardest part for most people is just getting started.

Lock your phone, put it away, and don’t open any social media.

Play some music. Get in the groove. And just write.

  1. Post It

Now comes the break in the clouds.

This is extremely easy. Just upload your content to your website so that people can actually read it.

Load onto your blogging platform, break the text up into readable chunks (no huge paragraphs), include headings, links, and finally add nice images to keep it visual.


This is the biggest cause of failed blogs.

It doesn’t matter if you wrote the best damn thing on this planet and had every world leader guest post in it – no one will know if it isn’t shoved in their face.

Your blog is like your product, and social media is like your commercial.

Advertise, promote, push – constantly.

The trick is to do the same thing, with only slight variations for each post.

For example, when you post your article, let every social channel you’re on know about it. Then, let them know about it again in a few hours with different wording. Then, do it again later on in the day, and one last time at night.

This’ll help you get ahold of different viewers at different times, which will also help you determine the best time to push important content/offers.

There are tons of tools you can use to help do this – just check out my last blog here, to learn more.

You can also hit up online chatrooms/forums where you think your audience is hanging out. For example, sports blogs would do well to promote on forum sites like BodyBuilding.com – there’s already a warm audience ripe for the picking.

It takes around 3-6 months for inbound marketing to start yielding results, which is why most marketing campaigns fail around the 3-month marker.

That’s why I can’t stress this enough – you need a blogging strategy in place.

As the weeks go by, you’ll get in the sway of things and figure out what works best for you. Don’t feel confined by any set schedule, either.

Always look to break boundaries and think outside the box. That’s how revolutionary methods are born.

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