5 Signs You’re Meant To Be An Entrepreneur

  1. You don’t complain – you change.

You know the type: they’re always complaining about a different problem in their life every single day of the week, but never offer an alternative solution.

Those are the type of people who won’t succeed as entrepreneurs.

But you aren’t one of them. When you come across a huge problem in your life, you figure out ways to bypass those problems, or fix them entirely. You know pure complaints don’t lead to gold, but only waste your time and take your mental attitude down a few levels.

That’s a sure sign you’re a purebred entrepreneur.

Take Elon Musk for example: he wanted to create a simpler, easier way to transfer money – so he made PayPal. He wanted to turn the world toward cleaner energy solutions and drive an electric car that didn’t suck – so he created Tesla. He wanted to find a cheaper, more efficient way of getting humans into space – so he created SpaceX.

Instead of complaining about the issues of the world, Elon actively seeks solutions.

  1. Pure, unkindled passion.

Passion is a staple in every entrepreneur; you just can’t survive the long work weeks, lack of funding, and heavy stress that comes associated with starting your own business without it.

But, you can’t just be passionate about something. There are tons of people in the world who are passionate about things. Even worse, there are people who become enraged with passion so intense that they burn out in a matter of days.

This can’t be you.

If you want to not only succeed, but thrive doing it, you have to be consistently passionate about whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. Motivation is fleeting. Passion – for you as an entrepreneur – must be undying.

Take Sara Blakely as an example: she began her billion dollar business, Spanx, while she was working a full time sales job selling fax machines door-to-door. So, after a grueling, hot day of rejection and meager commissions, Sara would continue selling people on her prototypes at night.

Not only that, but she couldn’t afford to pay a patent lawyer, so she taught herself how to write her own from a textbook she bought at Barnes & Nobles. She would drive from Georgia to North Carolina at night, with no sleep, and pitch to factory mills where she would meet nothing but rejection. Until, finally, she found an investor.

There’s only one thing that keeps someone striving for their goal like that: passion.

  1. You aren’t happy without competition.

As an entrepreneur, you’re going to go through some of the toughest, strenuous times of your life when you first start.

But, you’re going to love it.

You’ll love it because you know things in life don’t come easy. That’s especially true in a capitalist economy, where trade flourishes from pure competition. You’ll always be looking out for the next player on the block, and you’ll always find a way to beat them – because a competitive nature is what’s going to get you to the top and keep you there.

  1. You’re an independent soul.

There are people who need to be guided on how to start a project, and then there are people like you.

Entrepreneurs don’t wait on data and testing and long guides on how to create the next greatest product. Mostly because, well, nobody has created some of the products that you’ll create.

That’s why you have to be a self-starter.

Even if you aren’t creating a new revolutionary product, you have to be an individual who doesn’t put things off but rather jumps neck deep into the market and starts hashing out their business. That’s the key, here: you have to be someone who isn’t afraid to start.

When J.K. Rowling was living off welfare and struggling to take care of her child as a single mother, she didn’t piddle around waiting for a bestseller to fall in her lap.

No, she sat herself down at her keyboard, and started.

  1. You don’t think inside boxes.

There are always linear solutions to problems, and sometimes those are the solutions that haven’t been thought out, yet. But most of the time a revolutionary invention, or form of marketing, isn’t thought of by following linear paths.

As an entrepreneur, you have to be proficient at looking at the world through an objective, outside lense.

Look to Google as evidence for this: there were already tons of search engines on the internet before Google was born. Sergey Brin looked at the internet, and their poor search engines, and thought of a new way to index search results via backlinks. This was revolutionary, and completely rocked the digital world with an idea that was formed by looking at a problem with an outside view.

Whatever it is that you’re planning on creating – even if it’s already been done – you have to find a way to approach it from outside of the box.

That’s how entrepreneurs turn millionaires.


These are only some of the dominant traits found in entrepreneurs, and is by no means a defining list.

The thing about entrepreneurs is, even if you found a way to categorize all of their traits in simple lists, they’ll still find some way to break expectations and shatter your perceived image of them.

That’s what entrepreneurs do; they change the status quo.

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