The Ultimate List Of Affiliate Programs For Beginners


I’ve already written about affiliate blogging and even made an extensive list of some of the terms you may come across. Affiliate marketing – if done correctly – is one of the richest ways to create a passive, reoccurring income from your blog.

This is a massive online industry that benefits merchant and affiliate marketers in huge ways; the merchant easily gains access to existing, warm audiences, and the affiliates get an easy way to monetize their blogs. Well, it isn’t all that easy – you still have to go through the legwork of creating a loyal, sizeable readership, first.

Once that’s done, though, you’ll be inundated with the sheer size of the marketplace. Which affiliate programs are great? Which ones actually treat their marketers fairly, and which ones are known for click fraud and frequent charge backs?

Don’t go through the long, painful process of test driving different merchants. I’ve made 6-figures through affiliate networks alone, and I’ve done business with plenty of merchants across a variety of niches in the process.

Here’s my ultimate list of the best affiliate programs to be a part of.


Clickbank is a huge affiliate program that deals with tons of digital products like eBooks. They’ve been around for a long, long time. The great thing about Clickbank is the ability for merchants to sign up for free and start selling products immediately. You don’t need permission to start, and you don’t have to buy anyone’s product to sell it; just click the promote button, and get to selling.

Free registration

Huge choice of products

Quick payment

Good commission (10-75%)

Simple process



Commission Junction is also a massive affiliate network that gives you access to a ton of different industries and products in the same platform. You get the option to choose from different companies that sell different products and services – things like fashion, health and beauty products, and electronics.

Large merchant base (over 3,000 – millions of products)

Simple interface

Streamlined reporting

Access to tons of data (to help you improve your sales)



AvantLink is a company that connects merchants to affiliate marketers. Merchants provide info about their programs, set the affiliate charges, and fill in all the necessary product details. Then, the affiliate decides which merchants to take on, and start earning commission from the sales. Their system handles all of the sales and payments.

Access to plenty of niche-focused merchants

Wide range of product categories

Easy for beginner use



Amazon is the largest affiliate platform that offers many different advantages to merchants and affiliates alike. I usually refer most of my beginner affiliate bloggers to Amazon as a great place to start because of this. With over a million merchants, Amazon is also a great platform for advanced merchants with custom tools and API’s along with Amazon implementations.

The earning potential for affiliates working through Amazon is nearly unlimited.

Ease of use

Extremely flexible product markets

Huge partner network

Massive brand exposure/popularity



It’s incredibly easy to become an affiliate for eBay. Just scroll down to the bottom of the site and click on the affiliate link, fill out the application, and start selling when you get approved. You can make money as an affiliate from just referring people to the registration page. For every person that registers with eBay from your site, you can earn up to $35, along with the regular commissions you can make from just selling products.

Earn DOUBLE commissions your first 3 months

Diverse product ranges

Seasonal discounts (you can get a ton of business with holiday posts)

Easy payments via PayPal

Higher commissions than most programs



Revenuewire is another global affiliate program that deals mainly in digital products. Creating an account and getting approved is fairly easy – just fill out the application for the products/vendors you want to promote, and collect commission.

Simple sign-up

Good commission

Excellent UI with easy navigation



ShareASale is a pretty sizeable affiliate network with over 4,000 merchants listed – and a fourth of those are exclusive only to ShareASale. Whether you’re a merchant or an affiliate, you’ll fall hard for the extremely easy user interface. A great thing about this platform is that it offers features like Reversal Rates, Average Commissions, Average Sale Amounts, and EPC’s. All of this allows you to monitor campaigns and focus on different ones respectively.

Large partner network

Quick payment cycles (on the 20th of every month)

Easy to compare offers

Like I’ve said several times before, affiliate marketing is one of my favorite methods of monetizing blogs – aside from selling your own services/products. It offers easy revenue streams, takes advantage of blogging’s compounding readership, and has the potential to provide massive commissions depending on your niche.

Just make sure your offers and links are in line with your brand, or you’ll risk sell-out status and drive away your readers.


Anthony Aires is a speaker, information and software publisher, and a trainer. He has been an entrepreneur for more than half his life. He started leveraging the internet in 2002 by implementing SEO to generate leads for his real estate brokerage in Downtown Boston. Since then Anthony has gone on to create, launch, manage, and sell several internet businesses and brands while generating 7 figures in revenues. But he'll be the first to tell you he worked his ass off to get to where he is and it was a bumpy road having to declare bankruptcy twice in his life. You might not like the truth's he speaks, but at least you know you're always getting an honest answer!