5 Ways To Use Vertical Video To Grow Your Blog Traffic


As platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and musical.ly have exploded in popularity, so has the appetite for video in different formats. Vertical video has gone from being the butt of internet jokes to the new standard medium as advertisers scramble to create content for these platforms.

Industry research has shown that smartphones are used vertically 98% of the time, which highlights the benefits of having content that is aligned to the vertical viewership.

Here are some tips I’ve used that’ll help ensure your vertical content is as successful and effective as possible:


The success of your content is largely contingent on its designated platform. Facebook and Twitter optimize videos in very different ways, and this ultimately affects the viewing experience. You have to keep this in mind when designing video content for high engagement.

For example, it’s best to use longer videos for Facebook, as it has a user experience that averages out to more than three minutes per session. Three minutes may not seem like a long time, but the ability to engage with a consumer for three minutes makes for a COLOSSALLY valuable medium.

But using longer videos on a medium like Instagram, where the average viewership is under two minutes, can not only be a waste of resources, but can also isolate your audience.

On that same point, while the average amount of time spent on musical.ly is over three minutes, most content on the medium lasts less than 15 seconds. The more you lazer-in and target your content to each platform, the more success you’ll have reaching your audience and converting consumers.

Avoid Repurposed Video

Nobody likes to watch a video that’s been repurposed from elsewhere. Viewers become repeat users when they can get fresh content on the regular, and the momentum slows down tremendously once the content spigot dries up.

Half of the intrigue of social media is that there’s always something new on your news feed – and the same concept applies to vertical content. Nobody wants to see a resized version of that video they watched on YouTube yesterday. Viewers want new content that grabs their attention from the onset.

Creating a vertical video is a different beast from 4:3 content. Vertical video requires you to think about what the camera can focus on. Video in 4:3 is much wider (obviously) than vertical content, so there can be a lot more in the background than in vertical videos. But for vertical videos, where space is valuable, the camera must focus on one subject. This makes it a bit hard — but not necessarily impossible — for you to repurpose 4:3 content for vertical use.

10 Seconds Or Less

Brevity is key for better content. Although I’ve mentioned the benefits of longer videos for Facebook, it’s safe to assume that not every viewer can engage with your content for extended periods of time. 10 seconds is a solid length to shoot for with organic content – the goal being to increase your viewer’s presence on the app in the long run.

If you’re blasting out video ads, I recommend keeping it even shorter. If your content is in a more digestible format, it increases the chances of users engaging with several different pieces of content. There’s a lot more value in multiple 8-second clips than one 30 second clip. It offers you the chance to accumulate repeat viewers — and those are always the best kind. Give your viewers the option to watch multiple videos and they’ll stay with you a lot longer.

Keep It Fresh

Audience retention is high priority for marketing initiatives. One of the many ways to keep a repeat customer base is to post new content regularly. Think about it: What do you do when you log into Twitter? Most likely, you’re checking the latest updates from your social feed, looking at what’s trending—in other words, you’re on the lookout for content that you haven’t seen before.

New video content being created and watched by the users of the application creates an endless cycle of – quite literally – the best form of user engagement possible.

One thing to note is that it’s not enough to upload new content frequently—it has to be consistent. If you’re aiming to post videos daily, don’t skip a day and expect your loyal audience not to notice. Consistency helps solidify your name as a prized content maker, and your users will thank you in the end. This’ll take a fair amount of planning from you, but if you make a content calendar and stick to it, it’ll pay off in the end.

Work With Influencers

Advertising is tricky. Trying to convince new customers through ads has always been a challenge, but enlisting influential people can make that process a lot easier.

Influencers are mostly web-based celebrities with relatively significant influence over their audiences. I’ve already posted about them in-depth here. People go to them for style tips, advice on finding the right graphics cards, and just about everything else. They’re a friendly (and free) resource for most viewers, and they have a TON of power.

Depending on the platform you choose, you could have access to thousands of influencers with a total reach in the millions. No matter what topic, you’re sure to find an influencer that can help you reach your desired audience-base. I also wrote on how to approach influencers here.

At this point, no one is disputing the vitality of having vertical content for social media. But for those who aren’t as familiar with the ins and outs, these five suggestions taken as an accumulative will help you optimize your vertical content strategy and ensure that your brand gets the attention that you deserve.

As always, have your content link up to your blog so that your audience is able to consume different mediums of content. After all, you should more than likely already have your videos posted up there as well, like I do.

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