There’s entrepreneurs… then there’s online entrepreneurs. Trust me, they’re two different beasts.

Online entrepreneurs typically… have it easier, if we’re being honest. Do we have to face down venture capitalists at the end of every week? Probably not. Do we have to hustle door to door to sell out our prototypes? Probably not… Do we have to manage physical inventories and the logistical headaches that come with it?? Probably not.

See, the online world we live in today has given entrepreneurs the chance to not only make starting a business a breeze – but to also do so while not cutting down the income potential in the slightest.

Still questioning if you should become an online entrepreneur??

Here’s my list of reasons you should.

Low Risk

Two decades ago, if you wanted to sell a product, you needed a store. If you wanted to offer a service, then you needed office space. If you wanted a platform to promote yourself with, you would have to pay for advertising space.
Starting a business was expensive and therefore risky.
But the Internet has changed things. Instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars a year for real estate, you can pay less than $100 a year for a domain name and hosting. Instead of paying thousands more on marketing, you can start a social media platform for free.
All of this doesn’t guarantee you’ll succeed, but it does mean that you can’t lose much by trying.

Work In Your Boxers

Come on, now, I had to add it.

It’s seriously one of the best perks. You don’t need to don a suit and tie and be the spitting image of Don Draper to earn the big bucks as a business owner, now. Wake up. Drink coffee. Eat. Sit down wherever you want. Work. No assembly required.

You Own Every Pixel

When you work for someone else, all of your efforts go to helping a business that doesn’t belong to you.
As an entrepreneur, your effort goes to increasing the value of something (a business) that you own outright.
Getting a monthly paycheck is great, but it’s a short-term fix compared to developing an asset that can bring you wealth for years and years to come.

You Never Get Dull

Here’s another benefit to having the varied duties of an entrepreneur: there’s always more to learn.
Even if one day you were able to learn everything involved in making money online, you would wake up the next day and have more to learn. As an online entrepreneur, the better you’re able to keep up with up-to-date technologies, techniques, and trends, the easier it will be for you to be successful.
Personally, I love the sense of progress I get when I learn a valuable new concept or skill. I also like that I’m always challenging my mind and keeping it sharp.

I’m a damn digital razor blade.

Cya, Rush Hour

Driving to work with everybody else during rush hour is a waste of time, gasoline, and your patience.
As an online entrepreneur, your morning commute can be the walk from bedroom to your office. If you choose not to work from home, you can still avoid the rush by going to work an hour earlier or later.

Networking Like Mark

The difference between achieving your wildest dreams and being left in the dust can be as simple as knowing the right person.
Some occupations are better at building your network than others. But you probably won’t make a ton of connections while working in the same office every day year after year.
Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are always meeting new people. They have to reach out to potential clients, customers, and partners if they want to keep their business moving forward. All of that turnover helps entrepreneurs to have some of the biggest (and most lucrative) networks around.
Earn While You Snooze

Passive income is money that you earn on a regular basis without having to put in much effort to maintain it. One example of passive income would be the monthly rent check a landlord receives.
Just about everyone loves the idea of passive income because it means that you can make money while you sleep – and use the daylight to do whatever you like.
Because a good website can earn money without much maintenance, online entrepreneurs have the fast track to earning passive income. Some of the ways to do it are by hosting advertisements on your sites, selling products, and developing membership programs.


You do what you want to do.

It’s that simple.

That’s why I grabbed onto this business model. I have the freedom to live how I want, where I want, doing whatever I want without ever having to worry about upsetting a boss or moving away from my job… because, I am my job.

Let me show you how to get here, too.

Join me on my next webinar, and I’ll walk you through every step on how I got here, today.


Anthony Aires is a speaker, information and software publisher, and a trainer. He has been an entrepreneur for more than half his life. He started leveraging the internet in 2002 by implementing SEO to generate leads for his real estate brokerage in Downtown Boston. Since then Anthony has gone on to create, launch, manage, and sell several internet businesses and brands while generating 7 figures in revenues. But he'll be the first to tell you he worked his ass off to get to where he is and it was a bumpy road having to declare bankruptcy twice in his life. You might not like the truth's he speaks, but at least you know you're always getting an honest answer!