Creating content for your blog can feel like you’re ramming your head into a concrete wall at times – but, that’s with ANYTHING creative. The difference is, I can help get you jump started on coming up with topics to write about, when it comes to blogs.

Here are a quick 40 topics you could use to get your creative juices flowing again when you come to a bump in the road.


1 Can you walk your audience through a process, step by step?
2 What are some of the common questions that people ask when they email you?
3 What are some questions that people should be asking you, but aren’t?
4 If someone was about to start in your field, what are the top things they should know?
5 Create a list of the top 10 things you wish you knew when you started.
6 Give speech notes from a recent presentation you gave.
7 What do you want to learn more about? Study it, and share what you learned.
8 What are some terms in your industry that need explaining?

9 What is your favorite piece of industry news that you’ve come across recently?
10 Is there a new product you can review?
11 Have you read any Twitter posts lately that you feel deserves a longer response?

12 What are your aspirations for the week, month, and year?
13 What is the history of your industry?
14 Any important insights that you have learned in the past year?
15 What type of things do you review to determine quality in your industry?
16 Are you attending a conference where you can share your highlights from sessions?
17 See any good movies lately? Share lessons you learned from it.
18 Survey your audience and share the results.
19 What are the biggest trends in your industry?
20 Are there any holidays coming up?
21 What is your fitness routine?

22 What are the best blog posts you have read lately? Make a compilation.
23 What statistics or research are your customers interested in? Curate it for them.
24 What are the most popular posts you have written? Share “the best of” your blog.

25 Is there an industry leader or influencer you can interview?
26 Have you thought about reaching out to multiple experts for their thoughts on a specific subject?
27 Have you thought about sharing a list of top influencers to follow in your industry?
28 Read any great quotes lately? Compile quotes on a specific topic.

29 What type of work do you try to accomplish while traveling on a airplane?
30 If you recently hired someone, what questions helped you the most in making your decision?
31 What products or services can you compare and contrast?
32 Have you created a resource post?

33 What is a problem that your target customer has? Present a solution.
34 Have you used any new tools or applications recently that have helped improve your workflow?
35 Have you figured out a way to save a few hours a week?

36 Create a helpful checklist for customers.
37 What helpful books have you read recently?
38 What blogs do you keep up with? Create a list.
39 What helps you to be creative?
40 Have you changed the way you work over the years? If so, how?


This is just the tip of the iceberg, fellas. I reveal TONS of ways to come up with new topics for content, give you guided templates, and walk you through the whole process if you ever feel like you’re stumbling. Pop over to my next free webinar, and I’ll talk you through it all.


Anthony Aires is a speaker, information and software publisher, and a trainer. He has been an entrepreneur for more than half his life. He started leveraging the internet in 2002 by implementing SEO to generate leads for his real estate brokerage in Downtown Boston. Since then Anthony has gone on to create, launch, manage, and sell several internet businesses and brands while generating 7 figures in revenues. But he'll be the first to tell you he worked his ass off to get to where he is and it was a bumpy road having to declare bankruptcy twice in his life. You might not like the truth's he speaks, but at least you know you're always getting an honest answer!