All About Anthony

Yep!  Believe it or not it’s me!


If you don’t believe anything is possible then you should really take a hard look at the picture on the right.

You must believe you can achieve, and begin with the end in mind, or else you’ll never achieve your full potential.

Yes of course there will be adversity, and challenges, and you have the power to overcome every challenge that comes your way.  This picture up above is only a small example of the achievements that are possible.

I will actually show you some more as you peruse down this page discovering a little of what I am all about.

I’m definitely going to get into what I do, and I how I got her, and before I do that I think you should have a bit of an overview about me so you can get a full understanding.

So who is Anthony Aires?

My First House

Yep you heard that right on the road to my second comeback…

I’ve made a lot of money, then had a terrible motorcycle accident putting me in a situation where I lost everything.

And then I rebuilt myself back up in the real estate industry and then lost it all again after the real estate market crashed except this last time I lost more than money.

My marriage fell apart, because my only focus was making money, working, and building my business…as time went on we grew distant, and our relationship fell apart…it was like losing a best friend.

The Last Vacation I Had With My Dad In Aruba With My Sisters

Then I lost my father, he died at the very young age of 54 and at the time I was 34 we were super close, best friends…he was the best mentor I had, and I am blessed to have had him as a father, and I miss him so much.

I lost my first house, it was a beautiful house  3,000 sqft, 3 car garage, on a lake in a gated community with all the bells and whistles.

Pretty much lost everything I worked so hard, and what’s crazy about the whole thing is that I lost my health in trying to achieve financial freedom.


See what I realized after losing my dad is that there is no wealth without health.

Famous copywriter Jon Carlton says, “Folks spend their health to get wealth, and then they spend their wealth to get their health back!”

That wouldn’t have resonated with me at a young age, but now it’s crystal clear, and it definitely was after losing my dad.

And so I set out to lose all the fat I had gained while trying to amass the fortune I ended up losing.

This idea for this challenge began after my first Turning Point with Marshall Sylver!  One of the most amazing events I’ve ever attended in my life.  At the time I had the opportunity to bring Heather, my sweetie peetie, and I highly recommend bringing your lover, because it will bring you closer than you ever thought possible.

So while at the Turning Point I discovered so much about myself, and what was really possible…and this is when I began to really believe anything you set your mind too is possible, and can be achieved.

Here’s what I mean…

I remember the first time I did ate teeth melting fire my heart was pounding, and ready to pop out of my chest, and I was pretty scared to do this, luckily my adrenaline took over and I stepped up and did it, and so did Heather…it was a powerful day.

While at the event we had the opportunity to go on to Marshall’s Financial Prosperity event, which is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Little did I know when I signed up that we were expected to walk barefoot on 1,800 plus pieces of jagged razor sharp broken glass.

As if eating teeth melting fire wasn’t enough…lol!  Well one this really made me believe that anything is truly possible and that it’s all about your mindset.

This is where the idea for my weight loss challenge entered my head.  As you can see in the VIDEO I had a pretty big belly, and had put on 67lbs of weight from when I was a little party animal in my 20’s

Hunky Me in 1997

As you can see in this picture I was fit as a fiddle, and well life pretty much beat me over the head, and led me to put on a lot of chub over the years.

Like I said 67lbs worth.  You’ll see some pictures down below.

So while at Marshall Sylver’s Financial Prosperity I had the crazy idea of not shaving or getting a haircut until I lost all 67lbs, and I was going to blog ( about it and inspire other people to get healthy.

And so I set out to do it, and I really don’t know what I was thinking, because it ended up being the biggest challenge I’ve ever had in my life.

Looking back I would do it all over again, and the challenges I had were things I never thought of while deciding to take on this adventure.

See I underestimated how long it would take me to achieve this goal, and I my beard grew pretty long, and so did my hair…I pretty much looked like Sadaam Hussein!

Things like the stares I would get from folks while at restaurants, or nightclubs, the supermarket…ha, here’s a good one there were times when I would walk down the street on the sidewalk and people walking towards me would cross the street so they wouldn’t walk on the same side of the street.

There were definitely times when I came close to quitting, like when I plateaued and was stuck at the same weight for 2 months…I thought to myself I am never going to shave this thing off, and how could I quit I would be liar in front of thousands of folks were following my weight loss journey.

Thankfully I didn’t, and I kept on keeping and achieved my goal, and it took me 1 year and 1 month.

Now that I’ve achieved that goal I am continuing to keep the weight off, however I am still trying to get as close to what I used to like, and lots of folks have said that’s just not possible…and well all I can say is you’ll just have to keep checking in on me, because it’s going to happen.

So now that I got my health back on track I’ve been working on hard on my second comeback.

And after losing everything in the real estate crash I decided it was a great time to reinvent myself.

See my success in real estate came from my ability to leverage the internet for maximum lead generation for both of my real estate brokerages.

It really all began when I discovered affiliate marketing in the winter of 2003!  Back then Google Adwords was in it’s infancy, and Yahoo ruled the roost.

Overture PPC was KING and all the major search engines were integrated with Overture (except the big GOOG of course)!

And so it was winter 2003 and not much happens in Boston in the winter.  It’s so cold that it’s hard to show property, and most people don’t leave their houses, and so there were no deals to chase down.

This made it easy for me to lock myself in my apartment and start learning how this internet thing worked.

And I did.  I invested in many search engine optimization books, and internet marketing courses…my very first one was Stomping The Search Engines with Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins.

I gotta tell you it was good, but terrible at the same time…LOL it came in audio without workbooks.  Imagine trying to learn about SEO in an audio course.  The information was amazing, it was just challenging to consume and easy to fall asleep to (Sorry Brad and Andy I do love you guys and you’ve taught me a lot since then)!

Anyways I quickly learned a thing, or too, and launched my first affiliate marketing campaign promoting travel and reservations with an outfit called World Choice Travel, at the time they had an amazing affiliate marketing program with a private label website for affiliates, and good pricing, and great commissions.

My first discovery was that no one was driving traffic to direct landing pages for specific hotels.  So for example if you wanted to reserve a room at The Ritz in Hawaii most folks were driving traffic their own websites home page and not to a landing page for The Ritz in Hawaii.

So that’s what I did, and it was a HUGE success…and the clicks were so cheap, because there really wasn’t any competition back then…ahh the good ole PPC days.

I did this across the board with dozens of hotels, and made a pretty good dime doing it.

To make a long story short I was hooked.

And I took this new knowledge and leveraged it into generating leads for my real estate brokerage in Boston.

So I got to ride the real estate BOOM and made a lot of money and reinvested almost all of it back into real estate.

This proved to be a dumb move, ohhh well you live you learn, right!

The great thing about losing everything is it gives you the opportunity to reinvent yourself, and take new risks and try new things you may have not been able to do prior to great loss.

And so I decided I wanted to teach real estate agents across the country how to keep the lights on and survive during the foreclosure landslide, and so I launched and created a course called the REO Kit!

As I was losing all of my properties I quickly learned about things I had never heard of like REO’s, BPO’s, and Short Sales!  And I also realized other real estate agents had no idea about this stuff too.

There was no information available on any of this stuff, and so I saw the opportunity and jumped all over it.

Since launching the REO kit in July 2007 it’s been an amazing ride I’ve had the opportunity to help thousands of real estate agents across the country stay in the business and keep their business going.

I’ve also realized that my passion is using the internet to market products and services.

And I do it full time…no part timer here.

I love creating, and teaching, and SEO, discovering easy profitable keywords to rank for, and building sites for them.

So through my adversity, and great loss I’ve been fortunate enough to rediscover myself and my passions and pass on anything I learn on to others so they can succeed in their life.

I am also blessed to have an amazing woman helping get through and in business with me sharing the same dreams, and contributing towards our success.

I am reading this amazing book called The Answer by Adlin Sinclair and in the book Adlin goes on to say that Life is Challenge, and that the sooner we realize that, and make overcoming those challenges fun the better, and more full filling, and satisfied our lives will be (it’s an amazing book so far and I highly recommend it)!

If there’s one thing I would love to pass on to you is BE GRATEFUL for what you have right now…

Be grateful for the car you’re driving, the family you have, the lover you have, the money you have the bank….be grateful truly grateful, and you’ll receive more.

This is a concept I didn’t understand early on in my life…I was always worried about what I didn’t have, and what others had…forget that nonsense and be grateful for what you have right now.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying to not be motivated, and dream about things you want, what I am saying is enjoy and be grateful for what you have while being motivated, and dreaming about what you want, and you’ll get it.

I look forward to inspiring and providing you with the information you need to have the success you desire in your life.

Yours For Prosperity,

Anthony Aires