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5 Reasons You Should Start Your Online Shop TODAY

I talk a lot about blogging – and while it’s still necessary for e-commerce stores from a marketing standpoint – I wanted to talk specifically about e-commerce and online stores in general. Namely, 5 reasons why you should start your online business TODAY. Many businesses have already set up online shops to complement their physical […]

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Creating content for your blog can feel like you’re ramming your head into a concrete wall at times – but, that’s with ANYTHING creative. The difference is, I can help get you jump started on coming up with topics to write about, when it comes to blogs. Here are a quick 40 topics you could […]

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There’s entrepreneurs… then there’s online entrepreneurs. Trust me, they’re two different beasts. Online entrepreneurs typically… have it easier, if we’re being honest. Do we have to face down venture capitalists at the end of every week? Probably not. Do we have to hustle door to door to sell out our prototypes? Probably not… Do we […]

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Your job probably isn’t a life-changing pleasure. Let’s be honest – you wouldn’t be reading this if that was the case. You already feel the inkling that you aren’t meant for your current workspace. I’ll make it easy on you, though. Maybe this’ll give you the final push in making one of the best decisions […]

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10 Reasons Blogging IS NOT Dead

Some people have told me lately that blogging is dead… Come on, now. These are the ones who just haven’t succeeded in creating a successful one. Blogging is dead? I’m not a bragging type… But, my bank account says otherwise. Now, more than ever, blogging is a vastly relevant medium. We live in a digital […]

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9 Ways To Become A Millionaire In 5 Years Or Less

Recent research from USA Today reveals that the young workforce today earns 20 percent less than their parents did at the same age, even once they have a college diploma in hand. This, combined with heavy college loan debt, has forced many graduates to give up on their fantasies of owning multimillion-dollar homes on every […]

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5 Reasons You Hate Your Job

I’ve been there. I worked for someone else. I hated it. Now, I’m here working for myself, on my own time, doing what I love – and I make 10 times what I used to. So, I can fully relate to all of the points I’m about to make; and I’ve got the research to […]

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5 Ways To Use Vertical Video To Grow Your Blog Traffic

As platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and have exploded in popularity, so has the appetite for video in different formats. Vertical video has gone from being the butt of internet jokes to the new standard medium as advertisers scramble to create content for these platforms. Industry research has shown that smartphones are used vertically 98% […]

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Why 95% Of Websites and Blogs Fail

Hi There, My name is Anthony Aires. And I’ve been blogging since 2008 that’s when I launched my very first blog. At the time blogging was just starting to hit mainstream. It was all new to me because before then I just knew how to launch basic websites that I was able to get on […]

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