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Bat shit crazy UNEMPLOYABLE Serial Entrepreneur!

Anthony Aires C8 ZO6 Athena at Sebring Florida

Yeah if you look up the meaning of shiny object syndrome you’ll see a picture of me. I believe you gotta go with the flow and try shit out till you figure it out other people think otherwise.

Don’t misunderstand me though once you find you do have to start to focus and dig deep so you can have the sonic boom success trip you’re looking to have.

I could give you a long winded back history but right now I really just want to keep it short, if you want to dig in deeper and have a conversation just fill out the contact form and best way to reach you and we can connect.

I became addicted to the idea of becoming rich when my dad snuck me into Donald Trumps Atlantic Casino Taj Mahal when I was 14 years old

DJT was all the rage back then ha he still is.

I digress anyhow that casino had just been finished being built and my dad and uncle were itching to go. My mom was out of town and dad was stuck with me so he hightailed to Atlantic City with me and my uncle to see what all the fuss was about.

Well when we walked through that door and I experienced lavish wealth I knew I wanted a piece.

I didn’t know much about DJT at the time I just wasn’t aware but shortly after I became aware I bought his art of the deal book I read and learned as much as could about him and how he made his money etc etc.

That was the start of it…the next big riveting point for me was when I was in business class at Northeastern University in Boston and a guest speaker came to talk about how he made millions fishing golf balls out of lakes the ended up in … the business idea meant nothing to me but this phrase was everything.

If you haven’t declared bankruptcy twice or made your first million by the time you hit your 30’s you are not trying hard enough.

And let me tell you that hit me like a supersonic freight train.

Interestingly enough I hit those two of those kpi’s

I declared bankruptcy once and made my first million before 30 years. At that point in life my vehicle to wealth was real estate.

For me to go into how I made my first mills is a whole other detailed story again we can discuss if you want to when we connect and have a chat.

Sadly shortly after I got wiped out here comes the 3rd kpi another bankruptcy looming shortly after I had acquired all this money I decided to heavily in real estate development projects.

Made sense to me at the time since my first big level up was owning a real estate brokering company and then taking the proceeds from that exit and investing in real estate development projects made sense to me and the market was hot and didn’t look like was stopping anytime soon especially in the Orlando Area in 2006 era all systems were go.

Until the banks collapsed and my capital and real estate got evaporated.


Plus Divorce, Plus Dad dying at 54, Plus my Niece dying at 3 years old of Swine Flu, PLUS losing all my toys, my primary home….YUK it was not fun.

Especially during that time.

But we don’t realize that during those moments when we are in the shit that these are the moments that truly define us and get us to a whole other level of success that we don’t even foresee coming.

And that’s exactly what happened.

Because of the big real estate crash I discovered a new opportunity teaching real estate agents how to get in with the banks to sell all of the millions of foreclosure inventory entering the marketplace.

Since there was around 900,000 realtors at the time and all of us were coming off a super hot blazing seller’s market we didn’t have experience at least the majority of the demographic…with understanding how to do short sale transactions or get REO’s from the banks, or even perform Broker Price Opinions.

And from there my first digital product was born. Now I had some expertise with SEO, and affiliate marketing in 2001 and 2002 I was one of the world’s biggest hotel affiliates with thousands of search engine optimized long tail keywords websites for hotels all over the world.

So I had some working knowledge how to make things go BOOM online it’s how I was able to build a very successful real estate brokerage in Downtown Boston that lead to a very lucrative exit for me.

I used this knowledge to sell a training product to realtors teaching them how to get business foreclosure business from the banks and since I was going through a dozen plus foreclosures myself I had gained experience on how to do this and saw the opportunity.

This product went onto to sell over 100,000 units at $97 the crazy thing is it was a PDF plus some videos that’s it.

Obviously there was a lot of learning curves I had to overcome like how to write email copy and sales copy and how to get emails to deliver etc etc.

And I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in education and seminars over the years learning from The Internet Gods of the time i.e. Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime, John Carlton, Andy Jenkins, Sean Casey, Jeff Walker, John Reese, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy etc. etc.

Boy did it pay off, just the relationships and network I built at these events and what I learned propelled me into a whole new world I didn’t even know existed.

Forget about brokering and investing in real estate because I could create money out of thin air. Have an idea to teach something or sell something….test out the idea, document it, package into pdf and videos and sell and make a fortune while you sleep lol in your undies 🙂

Well I evolved into the software business where I realized I could purchase software code from software developers in Romania, China, India, Pakistan etc. and then package and sexify that software and sell it in USA market places.

So I sold off the online education business to then get into the software and publishing business.

Let me tell you that was a hell of a ride imagine selling a piece of software by the thousands in a weekend making six figures it was awesome until the thousands of support tickets came in lol.

Always know this everything has a price it’s not ying and yang. If you get this you’re going to have to pay for it this way…just keep that in mind.

I ran with that for about 10 years and made ooodles of 0’s sometimes I would make six figures from just sending emails selling other product creator’s software products, or online trainings…the easiest money in the world. honestly true push button business.

I also became an expert at writing sales webinars that converted into millions of dollars in revenue.

I have a few under my belt two of them were my products 5 of them were other people’s products that we did joint venture deal.

But nothing great every lasts unfortunately that’s how the world turns.

Strategies get bastardized by others and inefficiencies become efficient.

RULE #! as an entrepreneur is BE ADAPTABLE.

A common misconception is that it’s the STRONG That SURVIVE! WRONG!!!! It’s the ADAPTABLE that survive!

Anyhow life also changed for me at 40 had my first daughter and I wanted different things out of life I didn’t want to be front and center anymore I didn’t want to travel and talk at conferences any more I wanted to be on THE D.L.

So I got rid of software business and exited that world.

Took some time off and got bored.

Got the itch to do real estate deals again and heck it had been over 10 years what if I sucked at it YIKES I was older now too so I didn’t have the bravado and gutso I had in late twenties and thirties.

And so I said screw it because worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair it gives you something to do but gets you no where!

I relaunched my Florida Brokerage company Luxury Properties LLC and put some elbow grease into with my internet marketing prowess generated close to $30,000,000 in real estate transactions in 2018 to year end 2019 it was crazy.

And I did this in a brand new city I just moved to without any network at all.

DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the POWER of the INTERNET and what it can do for you and your business. I sure as heck did.

There were various other reasons I decided to start slinging real estate again and that’s something we can discuss if you decide you want to have a chat.

There’s so much I can share with you it’s crazy I could write a book and my wife has urged me too.

Picture this I was a total nerd in elementary and high school but somehow I ended up with the hottest cheerleader of The Stetson University Cheerleading squad. Another story for another time.

Listen if you’re stuck in your life and you want to start a business but have no idea what you want to sell, or how to do it, or where to start …


This video below gives some great insight do not be misled by the fact that it’s FREE!

Know this … there’s advice on here that can change your life if you understand how to inteperet the insights I’m sharing with you.

Just listen it and you’ll see what I mean.

And if you like what you hear and you want to have a quick free chat with me just see when I have a moment to talk and schedule a time with me by going here and clicking this link.